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On which platforms will Mad World be avaialble?

Mad World is a HTML5-based game, which means it can be played any browser-enabled environment.  No downloading client.  With just one click, you're good to go.  Therefore, we can release it on multiple platforms from Windows and Mac to Android and iOS as well as on consoles if we decide to release it.

So you mean it will come out on consoles, right?

That is one of our goals.

Wait, no downloads?

Yes.  The great thing about HTML5 games is that as long as there's a link to the game, you launch the game.  Think of a website.  All you need is an internet connection.

What do you mean by cross-platform?

Cross-platform means, you can play the game simutaneously with your friends playing on different platforms.  Let's say you're playing Mad World on a PC desktop, and your friends on mobile.  You can go multi with them just as if they are playing on PC.

Does this game run well on low-spec PCs?

Something unexpected will always happen but we are focusing on making the game run smoothly on mobile which means the game will run well on most desktop as they have better performance than smartphones.  Regardless we're doing our best to make the game playable on all PCs including very low spec PCs.

What genre is Mad World?

Mad World is an MMORPG.  It stays true to classic MMORPGs but has unique setting, characters, and chaotic and yet addictive combat system combining targeting and non-targeting combat.

What kind of content will there be in the game?

Farming, Hunting, PVP, PVE, Quests, Giant Bosses, Item Trading, and other enjoyable features often found in traditional MMORPGs plus something original that we are thinking of adding.

What is the maximum number of players that can participate in a PVP match?

It's not fixed but the number will be around hundreds so it will be massive.

Is this an open world game?

No.  The world of Mad World consists of many 'maps' where hundreds of other players online roam around.  The loading time between maps is almost non-existent.

What do you mean by "Weapon-based" skill tree?

 In Mad World, you don't select a class when you first start off.  Just gender.  Skills you can use differ depending on what weapon you have equipped.  In other words, if you're carrying a sword, then you can use sword-related skills, and vice versa if you're carrying a bow.  If you have gained all the weapons, you can switch your weapon anytime during gameplay.

I want to follow the development status

Subscribe to our social media like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Youtube by clicking the icons on the top of this page.  We will probably be most active on Facebook.

What is the business model of Mad World?

For now our plan is to launch it as a free-to-play game with micro-transaction.  As we mentioned on other social media, nothing is set in stone towards our monetization scheme, but rest assured we are going to intensify our efforts to make as balanced and fair a system as possible. Our focus is on making a great game. We will be closely listening to the voice of the community and make adjustments going forward

What is the difference between the PC version and the mobile version?

They are exactly the same but the resolution changes automatically depending on your platform and you can switch the control that suits you as there are a few control options such as touch mode, joy pad mode, and a mix between the two.

When will this game release? 

Our goal is late 2020.

What are the release dates for each territory?

At the moment, we only have a rough schedule, and can't give you an exact target release for each market.  We will keep you updated moving forward.

Will there be beta tests?  If so, when?

Yes probably.  But we don't know yet.  Please subscribe for updates here or follow us on the social media.

Do you have a forum?

Yes!  Here you go.

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